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Remember those leg warmers from the 80’s that were made famous by Jennifer Beals in Flashdance… well, there baaaack!  And to the delight of all that felt they were tacky anything but flattering (myself included) they have come a long way baby!  With a few different variations of the “classic” look, these toeless socks are all the rage on the runways and can even be seen in Michael Kors 2010 RTW line, and Vera Wang’s Fall 2010 line as well.  Here’s what you can expect to see, and the best way to wear the look well!

Cashmere leg warmers– This look can be worn with Gladiator sandals to

Michael Kors RTW Fall 2010 line

give the “illusion” of a high boot.  They can also be worn along with slouch boots to add depth and dimension.  You can thank  Michael Kors for this fabulous look.

They’re sure to be available everywhere  in the neutral hues for the season including- beige, black, gray and brown.

Thigh high leg warmers– Not usually the first thought when it comes to leg warmers, thigh high hosiery ARE in fact considered and categorized under leg warmers.   I assume it’s because they are footless!  Nonetheless, they too are all the rage for fall (Alexander Wang and Vera Wang) and can be worn best with short wool, fitted and pleated skirts.

Vera Wang RTW Fall 2010 line

The hosiery can be worn over platforms, flats or booties for an elongated and sexy leggy look! HOT HOT HOT!!!! Where can you find these great looks for less? has what you’re looking for and more!

Another great spot to shop for this look-

The thrill is always the deal! Make it fabulous!


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Do you have a suit or barely worn professional clothing currently taking up space in the back of your closet?  Why not give them to someone who is in need of clothing to wear on the job or for a job interview?  Since 1996, Dress for Success has provided professional clothing for disadvantaged women in hopes of helping them find and keep employment.

Founder, Nancy Lublin used a $5,000 inheritance from her great-grandfather to create a service that would give an opportunity at a “new start” for those in need.  Lublin partnered with three nuns who each ran public service programs in New York City to create Dress for Success– the organization now has over 105 affiliate locations throughout the world. In addition to job training and professional services, each client is given a suit to wear to her  job interview and once she finds work she is eligible to receive more professional clothing to wear on the job.

Because donations are vital to the continued success of this program, any Individual who would like to give to this organization may do so by visiting the donate clothing page on the company website.  The organization is always in need of larger size suits and apparel and is currently accepting new or gently used and cleaned:

Skirt and pant suits (must be coordinated, contemporary and interview-appropriate)
Professional blouses
Professional blazers and jackets
Professional shoes

At this time, Dress for Success is not accepting:

Sportswear or casual clothing
Evening wear
Used underwear
Men’s clothing
Used Cosmetics

If you are an apparel or accessories company interested in making a new product contribution, please visit our donate product page or send e-mail to

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Ask any woman and she will tell you that the quintessential characteristic of  any true woman is her sex appeal.  It’s no secret that those who have it, know how to work it, and that one of the easiest and most appropriate ways for a woman to show off her sex appeal is with her feet. 

Since the beginning of time, women have used their feet to attract the opposite sex. During 18th century England, Casanova was rumored to have loved the way heels lifted up a woman’s hoop skirt to show off her legs.  And in 19th century Asia, woman bound their feet so that they (feet) would remain small, thus making them more attractive and fitting to be a concubine.  Yes ladies, we’ve certainly done more than “walking” on our feet!   Three very effective and demure ways to show off your “sexy soles” daily is with toe cleavage, peep toes and the “classic” stiletto.

Toe Cleavage– We’ve all seen it, we just may not have know exactly what it was called. Toe cleavage is that little bit of toe (u shape) that tends to show through your shoes- typically this shows through in pointy toe shoes, or shoes that are a bit too big- which is, by the way the best way to wear your heels ( a ½ size larger).  Toe cleave is very subtle yet still sexy and always leaves more to the imagination.

Peek-A-Boo, I see you! From Greta Garbo to Marilyn Monroe, the peep toe of yesteryear is still just as sexy and prevalent as it was back then!  Today’s “pinup” girl has more styles to choose from including; the wedge, high heel and platforms peep toe. What a fun way to bring nostalgic “sexy back”!

Svelte Stilettos– Little more is needed to pull off sexy if you’re seen in stilettos.  Fact of the matter is whether you’re wearing a pant suit, pencil skirt, or just a smile (wink), the effect is still the same…. SEXY!  Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me!

So ladies, keep this in mind for the next time you want to flaunt a little sex appeal- just slowly walk on by and let your “heels” do the talking!

Check out a few of my favorite places to score these looks!

  • For toe cleavage-  My pick is Louboutin (Saks Fifth Avenue) and (BCBGeneration).  Both have the best selections on shoes that will give the perfect toe cleavage.
  • For peep toes- Shop DSW Shoe Store or for the retro look, try Nordstrom.
  • For stilettos- Saks Fifth Avenue– Christian Louboutin is my pick, but if that’s a little “pricey” for you check out Jessica Simpson’s line available at Macy’s, very sexy!

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New to K.I.S.S is the Friday Favorites!  This special feature has been designed to showcase simple and stylish clothing and accessories -it will also tell you where you can find them at the best price!  Here’s this weeks fabulous finds: 

New York & Company


 A hip new twist on the classic white shirt– This Red Label Pleated Ruffled shirt is   a great way to add just the right pizzazz to this clean and classic look.  Made of a comfortable cotton stretch blend it can be worn with both jeans and slacks.  This is a wardrobe must have!  Get it now for $21.95 at NewYork& 

Nine West


 The nude heel– The “new black” is nude!  Nine West has done it again-the Bonfire Pump has a peep toe and svelte heel that is sure to set your legs ablaze.  Now just $71.16.

New York & Company


 Buckle up in style– For a fine finish to your outfit; why not add a touch of flair with a Beaded Cording Belt from New York and Company.  This ultra chic accessory can be worn with your favorite summer dress or jeans.  It comes in yellow, black or brown and for just $11.47each, why not get it in all 3 shades?  

 Now that you know where to go, and what to buy there’s just one thing left to say…happy shopping!

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What’s a quick and easy way to give your legs an instant wow factor?  That’s right, leggings!   The rule of thumb with leggings is quite simple, “wear them in good taste”.  Really, all that means is to be very aware that leggings are designed to fit like a glove, so if you’ve got curves make sure that they’re giving them the right type of attention.  

google images

 Contrary to popular belief, leggings can be worn with any body type.  As long as you keep a few helpful tips in mind, you should be able to pull this fun and flattering style off without a hitch:


 If you have a full figure or a big bum, make sure that your top is long enough to cover it!  Leggings are meant to flatter your legs, not show off your junk in the trunk to the world.  

Thank goodness that you have choices; leggings are not just that shiny spandex of yesteryear.  They now come in a variety of spandex and fabric blends to choose from.  My recommendation would be to wear what works best with your outfit, but you can’t go wrong with denim leggings.  Just like jeans, they go with just about anything!  They’re fairly popular which means you can find them almost anywhere.  

 The shoes matter! Leggings are the perfect accessory to any outfit, but you can make or break the look with the type of shoes you’re wearing.  The cool thing about them is that you can wear them with just about any type of shoe: Sandals, strappy heels, boots, sneakers- they’re all acceptable, just make sure that in doing so, you are coordinating your shoes to match your outfit and not just the leggings.  If you are wearing a jersey fabric hoodie you may want to consider wearing a high top or low top chuck taylor, instead of a naughty monkey four-inch heel.  Save the heels for that fabulous flowing blouse you’re wearing for tonight’s dinner and a movie date.   

 Leggings are the perfect accessory that  can be a fun way to play up any type of casual outfit.  Remember to keep your look stylish, simple and never over done- if you follow this rule, you’re sure to rock this look well! 

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1. Gladiator sandals and 4 inch heels… NOT… Uggs and cowboy boots.

2. Skinny Jeans that fit…NOT… Low rise jeans that don’t.

3. Scarves… NOT… Coordinate sweater sets.           

4. Floral prints and pastel colors… NOT…  The basic white Tee.

5. Highlighting your hair … NOT… Chunking your hair.

Well, there’s my top 5… what are yours?

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Pure genius!  That’s what I call it!  Get this- Kim Kardashian, the queen of glam, has created a site that caters to woman who love shoes.  It’s called Shoe Dazzle and its fabulous!  Here is how it works:  Fashion experts will custom pick shoes just for you, based on your own personal style and taste.  The site takes you through a Q and A of sorts, where you select the style of clothing you prefer, as well as the celebrity style you are most comparable to.  The stylist then takes this information and uses it to select 5 pairs of shoes on a monthly basis that fit your taste! And no worries if you don’t like the selection, you’ll have a choice to select 5 more if needed! While many of the shoes are designer, Shoe Dazzle does also offer their designer imitations line as well.

Now, there is a catch… the shoes aren’t free, but the $39.95 (you only pay if you purchase a pair) you pay per pair isn’t bad for a shoe that is sure to be just your style! Also note that once you have ordered a pair of shoes for the first time, you will be thereafter charged a monthly membership fee of $39.95- get it?  That means that you can purchase a pair of shoes each and every month.  This is not required, but to ensure that you are not charged for the month, you must choose the “skip this month” button on your account- if you choose this option it must be done between the 1st and the 5th of the month, or your card will be charged.

There is also a Facebook fan page that I would highly recommend that you take a look at.  While the website itself boasts of nothing but glowing reviews, the facebook fans are a bit more honest about their thoughts on the shoe styles and quality.  For the most part, the shoes are a hit- however one of the gripes that Shoe Dazzle doesn’t always carry the size requested (they don’t carry 9.5 or 11).  The fan page is also packed with images of shoes and the people that bought them.  It is fairly interactive and even allows you the opportunity to give your opinion on some of the shoes as well as advice to the unsure buyer who needs that final vote of confidence to keep the shoe or return it!

Speaking of returns, they are allowed! You have 30 days to return the shoes in the same condition that you received them (unworn and undamaged).  There is a $5.95 restock fee and you will receive an exchange or credit on your account-no refunds are offered.  There is a FAQ on the site that is pretty straight forward about the sites purchasing and returns policies so make sure you read over it before you join the club. All in all, I find the site to be user friendly, the shoes to be a great deal and the idea to be unique and creative.  I give this one an A-, no one’s perfect, but this comes close!

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