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K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Stylish)

keep your style simple and keep it pushing!

Ask any woman and she will tell you that the quintessential characteristic of  any true woman is her sex appeal.  It’s no secret that those who have it, know how to work it, and that one of the easiest and most appropriate ways for a woman to show off her sex appeal is with her feet. 

Since the beginning of time, women have used their feet to attract the opposite sex. During 18th century England, Casanova was rumored to have loved the way heels lifted up a woman’s hoop skirt to show off her legs.  And in 19th century Asia, woman bound their feet so that they (feet) would remain small, thus making them more attractive and fitting to be a concubine.  Yes ladies, we’ve certainly done more than “walking” on our feet!   Three very effective and demure ways to show off your “sexy soles” daily is with toe cleavage, peep toes and the “classic” stiletto.

Toe Cleavage– We’ve all seen it, we just may not have know exactly what it was called. Toe cleavage is that little bit of toe (u shape) that tends to show through your shoes- typically this shows through in pointy toe shoes, or shoes that are a bit too big- which is, by the way the best way to wear your heels ( a ½ size larger).  Toe cleave is very subtle yet still sexy and always leaves more to the imagination.

Peek-A-Boo, I see you! From Greta Garbo to Marilyn Monroe, the peep toe of yesteryear is still just as sexy and prevalent as it was back then!  Today’s “pinup” girl has more styles to choose from including; the wedge, high heel and platforms peep toe. What a fun way to bring nostalgic “sexy back”!

Svelte Stilettos– Little more is needed to pull off sexy if you’re seen in stilettos.  Fact of the matter is whether you’re wearing a pant suit, pencil skirt, or just a smile (wink), the effect is still the same…. SEXY!  Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me!

So ladies, keep this in mind for the next time you want to flaunt a little sex appeal- just slowly walk on by and let your “heels” do the talking!

Check out a few of my favorite places to score these looks!

  • For toe cleavage-  My pick is Louboutin (Saks Fifth Avenue) and (BCBGeneration).  Both have the best selections on shoes that will give the perfect toe cleavage.
  • For peep toes- Shop DSW Shoe Store or for the retro look, try Nordstrom.
  • For stilettos- Saks Fifth Avenue– Christian Louboutin is my pick, but if that’s a little “pricey” for you check out Jessica Simpson’s line available at Macy’s, very sexy!

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