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If there is one thing that I hate it is BAD makeup!  Granted there are ways to apply makeup for a more dramatic effect (evening wear) but even when you are going for a dramatic look it is important that you wear the color that best compliments you and most important your skin tone.  I will be the first to tell you that I LOVE color.  And contrary to what most believe I think that makeup should do more than just enhance your natural beauty.  I’ve never been one to wear it without it being noticed.  Now don’t get me wrong, it shouldn’t be seen from across a dark and smokey room glowing on your face like a beacon of sorts but it should be an attention grabber!

It seems like the summer months always bring out the best/worst in us when it comes to makeup.  Let’s face it… when you think of spring/summer you think of bright colors, sunshine and white!  We’ve waited all year to be able to wear these bursts of colors and by golly we’re going to wear them, just hopefully not all at once!

It’s just as my blog states people- Simple.  Just because you have a darker complexion it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a bright color! And on that same note those with lighter complexions should not think that brighter colors compliment them the best either. It’s all about moderation and proper application.  With the wonderful world of the internet as well as countless makeup counters with trained consultants there is no reason for any woman to feel like they don’t know what color looks best on them or how to apply those colors for the best effect.

Check out my choice of  a makeup hit and miss below.

This look is a hit on both light and dark skin.

A MISS in every way!


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Ladies, mark your calendars! On September 22, 2010 fall officially begins!  And you know what that means…. pack away those sandals and flip-flops and dust off your favorite suede shoes and boots, because it’s their time to shine!  Fall has to be hands down my favorite season and I know that I am not alone.  When else can you get away with wearing a sweater, over a shirt, paired with a scarf – all at the same time!  And can we talk about the fact that you are FINALLY able to eat whatever you want, without the fear of your “muffin top” showing!  Its fall, EVERYONE hides layers!

While fall fashion is what I live for, I also understand the importance of putting the “whole package” together from head to toe!  Having said that, please note that your hair and makeup MUST change to fit the season, just like your clothing.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your style “in

sync” with the season.


The rule of thumb is when summer is gone, so are those luscious golden highlights!  Typically a safe move is to darken your hair or return to your roots in the fall and winter months, however a cool twist on going back to basics is to tone down your highlights.  Gradually removing them is the best way to get yourself and others comfortable with your new look.  Subtle changes ARE noticed!  Cropped cuts and natural waves and curls are trending for the fall, so pack up your flat-iron because you won’t need it anytime soon!  To achieve this look, I personally recommend the Bed Head Style and Texturize hair care line.  Whether you have waves, curls, or lots of locks, these products will give your hair that funky, hip and sexy style that you’re looking for!


Fellow Divas, always remember…. Less is more!  In this particular case the less that I am referring to is your lip color!  Fuller brows (still arched, of course),

lots of lashes and neutral tones on your lids are perfect for everyday wear in the fall.  A clear gloss or lightly tinted lipstick will take away the focus on your lips and give your eyes the attention that they deserve.  Trending this fall is a touch of white eyeliner to add an extra pop to your already outstanding eyes!  Day or Night the liner gives your eyes a much fuller and wider appearance.  Revlon’s Luxurious Color Eyeliner in pure white is my top pick for achieving this look!  And for a much more dramatic look for a night out on the town, switch out those neutral lids for a smoky look, with Covergirl’s Smoky Eye Look trio set!  This is a fool-proof product that makes achieving “perfect” smoky eyes as easy as 1-2-3!  As for your lips, day or night the same rules apply; keep them subtle and barely noticeable with a softer lightly tinted (metallic) gloss. Let your eyes still the show!

Be picture perfect and fall ready with these helpful tips!  And remember to always keep it simple, and stylish!

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Renowned jewelry designer extraordinaire Temple St. Clair Carr is teaming up with Target this fall to design an exclusive line for the retailer.

Known for her exquisite pieces which often include diamonds and precious

18k classic collection gold bangle

gemstones set in 18 carat gold, the designer’s Target line called Modern Heirlooms will feature pieces that are inspired by the elegant style and artistry of Florence, Italy with a modern twist.

The Modern Heirlooms line arrives at Target everywhere on August 29, 2010.  Get excited!

About the designer:

Temple St. Clair Fine Jewelry was established in 1986 in Florence (Italy).  The designer currently resides in New York City and her high-end collections can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers worldwide.

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Check out this Christian based urban wear that is blazing through the hip hop fashion scene!! It’s swagger at its best- GOD blessed!  Get your gear today at

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Remember those leg warmers from the 80’s that were made famous by Jennifer Beals in Flashdance… well, there baaaack!  And to the delight of all that felt they were tacky anything but flattering (myself included) they have come a long way baby!  With a few different variations of the “classic” look, these toeless socks are all the rage on the runways and can even be seen in Michael Kors 2010 RTW line, and Vera Wang’s Fall 2010 line as well.  Here’s what you can expect to see, and the best way to wear the look well!

Cashmere leg warmers– This look can be worn with Gladiator sandals to

Michael Kors RTW Fall 2010 line

give the “illusion” of a high boot.  They can also be worn along with slouch boots to add depth and dimension.  You can thank  Michael Kors for this fabulous look.

They’re sure to be available everywhere  in the neutral hues for the season including- beige, black, gray and brown.

Thigh high leg warmers– Not usually the first thought when it comes to leg warmers, thigh high hosiery ARE in fact considered and categorized under leg warmers.   I assume it’s because they are footless!  Nonetheless, they too are all the rage for fall (Alexander Wang and Vera Wang) and can be worn best with short wool, fitted and pleated skirts.

Vera Wang RTW Fall 2010 line

The hosiery can be worn over platforms, flats or booties for an elongated and sexy leggy look! HOT HOT HOT!!!! Where can you find these great looks for less? has what you’re looking for and more!

Another great spot to shop for this look-

The thrill is always the deal! Make it fabulous!

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For almost 70 years now Coach has been a name known for fine leather goods. 

Coach Poppy Applique Glam Tote $278

Coach has stepped up and out of the “comfort zone” that it’s known for to target a much younger and hipper audience with the Poppy C Glam line.

This line includes hobos, totes and backpacks with groovy style and embellished charm sure to win over any up- and- coming fashionista or trendsetter.

Would mom like it, probably not, but lucky for her the line does include much “calmer” colors and traditional Coach designs. Prices for the bags start around $200, but can cost as much as $500 for the larger bags, such as the gold sequins backpack.

You can find these bags at most major department stores including Macy’s.

Coach Poppy Sateen Pocket Hobo $268

Poppy Sequin Groovy $258

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Bags are my thing!  But often when I’m out and about, I feel like my bag is too bulky and I would just rather carry my wallet-  if only it were a little bit bigger.  And that my friends,  is where crossover bags come in.

Kate Spade Gramercy Park Thomas $89.90

These little guys are quite convenient.  They are big enough to carry your “stuff”,  yet small enough to comfortably strap across your shoulder and go. So say goodbye to the bulky bag and hello to the convenience of the carry all crossover!

And if you’re worried about your crossover not working well with your ensemble, worry no more!  These bags come in just about every shade known to man!  You can get them in neutral tones or bright vibrant colors (great for the summer).   My personal favorite is the

Jessica Simpson Clutch- $45.00

Jessica Simpson Rosie Clutch in yellow, which is technically “not” a crossover bag, but is just as big as one and they’re really cute!

Here are a few more of my to picks in crossover bags.  Which one is your fave?

Juicy Couture Camo $50.99

Juicy Couture Icon Padlock Terry $95.90

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