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K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Stylish)

keep your style simple and keep it pushing!

If there is one thing that I hate it is BAD makeup!  Granted there are ways to apply makeup for a more dramatic effect (evening wear) but even when you are going for a dramatic look it is important that you wear the color that best compliments you and most important your skin tone.  I will be the first to tell you that I LOVE color.  And contrary to what most believe I think that makeup should do more than just enhance your natural beauty.  I’ve never been one to wear it without it being noticed.  Now don’t get me wrong, it shouldn’t be seen from across a dark and smokey room glowing on your face like a beacon of sorts but it should be an attention grabber!

It seems like the summer months always bring out the best/worst in us when it comes to makeup.  Let’s face it… when you think of spring/summer you think of bright colors, sunshine and white!  We’ve waited all year to be able to wear these bursts of colors and by golly we’re going to wear them, just hopefully not all at once!

It’s just as my blog states people- Simple.  Just because you have a darker complexion it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a bright color! And on that same note those with lighter complexions should not think that brighter colors compliment them the best either. It’s all about moderation and proper application.  With the wonderful world of the internet as well as countless makeup counters with trained consultants there is no reason for any woman to feel like they don’t know what color looks best on them or how to apply those colors for the best effect.

Check out my choice of  a makeup hit and miss below.

This look is a hit on both light and dark skin.

A MISS in every way!


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My favorite at Fashion week (Spring 2012) is hands down Carlos Miele (est. 2003).

This brazilian designer has discovered a way for transcending the beauty and sensual appeal of his country into each and every piece in his collections.  Rich in colors and style Miele has once again proven himself worth of high praise for his high style!  Here are a few favorites from his Spring 2012 collection.  Calido!

Carlos Miele- Spring 2012

Carlos Miele- Fall 2012

Carlos Miele- Spring 2012 Fashion Week

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Stylewatch: Trending for Fall 2011 is a new twist on an old favorite- the ever versatile maxi dress.  What’s new is it’s nude or barely there.  Sheer or see-thru maxis are sweeping the runways across the U.S and abroad and while some may think that they don’t leave much to the imagination, I beg to differ.  Check out these styles by some of the top designers in the world.

Lorella Signorino- Fall 2011

Albert Ferretti- RTW Fall 2011

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Below are just a few of my favorite things from  the 2011 Spring collection of one of my favorite designers Rachel Roy.   Roy’s  line exemplifies classic, simplistic beauty at it’s best.

Rachel Roy Spring 2011


The line spans from minimal and sublime hues of nude to the eclectic pairing of electric blue and cranberry.  As refreshing as a mint julep the clean lines and bold colors of this line score an A+ in my book of style!

Rachel Roy Spring 2011


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It won’t be long before every household is using KEssentials bath and beauty products-curing one ashy body at a time! 

KEssentials Founder Kattiann Samuel

We first met Kattiann Samuel and her fantastic all natural bath products a little over a year ago and it seems that Samuel is well on her way to fame and fortune!  Within the last year Samuel states that not only has she maintained her loyal client base but she’s also acquired new customers most notably comedian Donnell Rawlings.

Rawlings, who is most famously known for his appearances (Ashy Larry) on the Dave Chappelle Show, met Samuel on Facebook where Samuel, who is a huge fan, jumped at the opportunity to present Rawlings with her amazing products!  At his girlfriend’s urging Rawlings sampled a few products from KEssentials’ bath line and he was hooked!

. . . Donnell tried the scrub in the shower and upon completion of trying these magnificent products he ran out of the shower butt naked and glowing (from the scrub) to call Kattiann to commend her on her product line . . . ”

In fact, Rawlings loved the products so much that he decided to work with Samuel on creative branding for a special line of products named after his popular stand up performance titled Ashy to Classy.  The first products from the line include a balm specifically designed for men with bald heads and an exhilarating scrub called HEAD (Rawlings’ favorite).  The products come in an array of aromas including: Mandarin coconut, lavender basil, lemongrass sage, midnight pomegranate and mango.  For full effect there is also a lip balm called Lip Service which comes in Caribbean coconut.

Rawlings and Samuel are currently working on new products for the line which are sure to be as successful as these two creative entrepreneurs.  Purchase these products and more online at

More about Donnell Rawlings

Donnell Rawlings, a D. C. native,  always knew he had a  knack for making people laugh even at an early age, but it wasn’t until he accepted a challenge to get on stage at a comedy club after heckling other comedians that he realized his true calling.

Courtesy of Blake Sunshine

Fifteen years later, Rawlings is still leaving audiences in stitches worldwide. For more information on upcoming dates for Donnell Rawlings visit his website at and follow him on Twitter: @donnellrawlings

Photo of Donnell Rawlings and editorial contribution courtesy of Blake Sunshine

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Long before going natural was a fad, Lauryn Hill was rocking it!  Hill’s hair helped to define not only her own beauty and individuality but also that of the hip hop culture.  To this day it remains a beautiful expression of black woman everywhere!

Lauryn Hill

Long gone are just the European influenced weaves worn by woman of color.  More and more sisters are expressing themselves with amazing afros and kinky twists reminiscent of who we are and whence we came!

Thank you Lauryn for being one of the first to show us how our black is beautiful!

Lotta locs for Lauryn Hill

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I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again… I love Kate Spade! With a heavy concentration on floral prints for the 2011 Summer collection, Spade mixes it up a bit with a classic yet timeless nautical look for the season’s hottest trends:  Espadrilles and the tank dress.

Kate Spade-$225

Check out these looks and more at

Kate Spade- $375

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