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K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Stylish)

keep your style simple and keep it pushing!

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Below are just a few of my favorite things from  the 2011 Spring collection of one of my favorite designers Rachel Roy.   Roy’s  line exemplifies classic, simplistic beauty at it’s best.

Rachel Roy Spring 2011


The line spans from minimal and sublime hues of nude to the eclectic pairing of electric blue and cranberry.  As refreshing as a mint julep the clean lines and bold colors of this line score an A+ in my book of style!

Rachel Roy Spring 2011



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I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again… I love Kate Spade! With a heavy concentration on floral prints for the 2011 Summer collection, Spade mixes it up a bit with a classic yet timeless nautical look for the season’s hottest trends:  Espadrilles and the tank dress.

Kate Spade-$225

Check out these looks and more at

Kate Spade- $375

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Pure genius!  That’s what I call it!  Get this- Kim Kardashian, the queen of glam, has created a site that caters to woman who love shoes.  It’s called Shoe Dazzle and its fabulous!  Here is how it works:  Fashion experts will custom pick shoes just for you, based on your own personal style and taste.  The site takes you through a Q and A of sorts, where you select the style of clothing you prefer, as well as the celebrity style you are most comparable to.  The stylist then takes this information and uses it to select 5 pairs of shoes on a monthly basis that fit your taste! And no worries if you don’t like the selection, you’ll have a choice to select 5 more if needed! While many of the shoes are designer, Shoe Dazzle does also offer their designer imitations line as well.

Now, there is a catch… the shoes aren’t free, but the $39.95 (you only pay if you purchase a pair) you pay per pair isn’t bad for a shoe that is sure to be just your style! Also note that once you have ordered a pair of shoes for the first time, you will be thereafter charged a monthly membership fee of $39.95- get it?  That means that you can purchase a pair of shoes each and every month.  This is not required, but to ensure that you are not charged for the month, you must choose the “skip this month” button on your account- if you choose this option it must be done between the 1st and the 5th of the month, or your card will be charged.

There is also a Facebook fan page that I would highly recommend that you take a look at.  While the website itself boasts of nothing but glowing reviews, the facebook fans are a bit more honest about their thoughts on the shoe styles and quality.  For the most part, the shoes are a hit- however one of the gripes that Shoe Dazzle doesn’t always carry the size requested (they don’t carry 9.5 or 11).  The fan page is also packed with images of shoes and the people that bought them.  It is fairly interactive and even allows you the opportunity to give your opinion on some of the shoes as well as advice to the unsure buyer who needs that final vote of confidence to keep the shoe or return it!

Speaking of returns, they are allowed! You have 30 days to return the shoes in the same condition that you received them (unworn and undamaged).  There is a $5.95 restock fee and you will receive an exchange or credit on your account-no refunds are offered.  There is a FAQ on the site that is pretty straight forward about the sites purchasing and returns policies so make sure you read over it before you join the club. All in all, I find the site to be user friendly, the shoes to be a great deal and the idea to be unique and creative.  I give this one an A-, no one’s perfect, but this comes close!

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