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“I don’t want to own anything until I know I’ve found the place where me and things belong together.  I’m not quite sure where that is just yet.  But I know what it’s like… It’s like Tiffany’s…” (Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Spoken like a woman after my own heart, Ms. Golightly perfectly sums up the relationship that many have had with Tiffany’s since its beginnings back in 1837.

Tiffany & Co. has and continues to represent fine quality and prestige to

Tiffany store at 5th ave. and 57th st. NY

women (and men) worldwide. The fine jeweler’s flagship store is still located at the corner of 5th avenue and 57th street in Manhattan, NY (the fashion capital of the world) and is just as highly regarded today as it was over a century ago. In addition to this landmark site, the company also operates 64 other Tiffany & Co. stores in the U.S., and 103 Tiffany & Co. international stores.

Although they are known for their exquisite Tiffany setting diamonds, Tiffany and Co.’s specialties extend far beyond diamonds and jewelry.  They also offer sterling silverware, china, stationary and accessories- everything needed for the blushing bride to be or the soiree hosting socialite. But if you are a justice of the peace marrying type; or a chips and salsa type of host, you needn’t worry, Tiffany’s has something affordable for your wallet as well!

There are a few things that the buyer should be made aware of before purchasing from Tiffany’s:

Fact: A Tiffany’s gemologist was instrumental in the standard use of the metric carat as a weight standard for gems.  This is the standard that is still used today by fine jewelers everywhere!

Fact: Tiffany standards for both sterling silver and platinum are used as the United States standards for these precious metals.

Fact: The well know trademark stamp “Tiffany & Co.” was originally created for and appeared on Tiffany stationary products- It now appears on all of their fine jewelry to show true authenticity.  If it doesn’t say “Tiffany & Co.” it isn’t real!

Fact:  There is NO SUCH THING as a Tiffany outlet store.  There are NO SALES so if you see this promotion being offered online, don’t fall for it!  To make sure that you are getting an authentic Tiffany product, it is best to order directly from the company website, or buy directly from a Tiffany store.

authentic Tiffany and Company charm bracelet.from an authentic Tiffany and Co. store. (Look for the blue box)

Fact: EVERY WOMAN needs and deserves a piece of Tiffany and Co. jewelry.  Whether it’s a diamond, gold pendant, or silver charm bracelet- it is necessary! Just like a relationship, fine jewelry is an investment that withstands the tests of time.  Skimping on jewelry is like skimping on love;  Now who would do that?  Surely not you!

So to all of you Holly Golightly’s out there;  Go forth, or shall I say 5th (avenue that is) and see for yourself why breakfast, lunch and dinner can and should be had at Tiffany’s.  How much is that diamond in the window?


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