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Stylewatch: Trending for Fall 2011 is a new twist on an old favorite- the ever versatile maxi dress.  What’s new is it’s nude or barely there.  Sheer or see-thru maxis are sweeping the runways across the U.S and abroad and while some may think that they don’t leave much to the imagination, I beg to differ.  Check out these styles by some of the top designers in the world.

Lorella Signorino- Fall 2011

Albert Ferretti- RTW Fall 2011


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Imagine having your own personal stylist that is just waiting to dress you in all of your favorite designers and at a fraction of the cost.  Does this sound like a dream?  Well pinch yourself because it’s now your reality- Shop It To Me does just that.  Featured on Oprah and Rachael Ray, this site allows you to select your style of shoes and clothing from some of the best known designers and brands of today including: DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Old Navy.  Here’s how it works: You select the styles, sizes and designers that you prefer, and you receive daily or weekly “Salemail” sales promotions via email featuring the designers and styles that you chose.  These promotions are from various sites and department stores and are supposedly the best prices around! This is a great work around for the hustle and bustle of those ever popular “sales racks” at your favorite shopping malls and outlets.

Now I have personally been a member of this discount club for a couple of months, and can honestly tell you that I have not yet come across any really great deals as far as price breaks, but one thing that I have noticed is the styles are current if not ahead of the trend, which is always a good thing (I love to be the “Avant- garde” of styles and trends).  I would highly recommend this site for anyone who loves fashion and great deals, but not so much the line at the register of your favorite department store.

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