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It won’t be long before every household is using KEssentials bath and beauty products-curing one ashy body at a time! 

KEssentials Founder Kattiann Samuel

We first met Kattiann Samuel and her fantastic all natural bath products a little over a year ago and it seems that Samuel is well on her way to fame and fortune!  Within the last year Samuel states that not only has she maintained her loyal client base but she’s also acquired new customers most notably comedian Donnell Rawlings.

Rawlings, who is most famously known for his appearances (Ashy Larry) on the Dave Chappelle Show, met Samuel on Facebook where Samuel, who is a huge fan, jumped at the opportunity to present Rawlings with her amazing products!  At his girlfriend’s urging Rawlings sampled a few products from KEssentials’ bath line and he was hooked!

. . . Donnell tried the scrub in the shower and upon completion of trying these magnificent products he ran out of the shower butt naked and glowing (from the scrub) to call Kattiann to commend her on her product line . . . ”

In fact, Rawlings loved the products so much that he decided to work with Samuel on creative branding for a special line of products named after his popular stand up performance titled Ashy to Classy.  The first products from the line include a balm specifically designed for men with bald heads and an exhilarating scrub called HEAD (Rawlings’ favorite).  The products come in an array of aromas including: Mandarin coconut, lavender basil, lemongrass sage, midnight pomegranate and mango.  For full effect there is also a lip balm called Lip Service which comes in Caribbean coconut.

Rawlings and Samuel are currently working on new products for the line which are sure to be as successful as these two creative entrepreneurs.  Purchase these products and more online at

More about Donnell Rawlings

Donnell Rawlings, a D. C. native,  always knew he had a  knack for making people laugh even at an early age, but it wasn’t until he accepted a challenge to get on stage at a comedy club after heckling other comedians that he realized his true calling.

Courtesy of Blake Sunshine

Fifteen years later, Rawlings is still leaving audiences in stitches worldwide. For more information on upcoming dates for Donnell Rawlings visit his website at and follow him on Twitter: @donnellrawlings

Photo of Donnell Rawlings and editorial contribution courtesy of Blake Sunshine


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