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K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Stylish)

keep your style simple and keep it pushing!

There is nothing worse to look at than a pair of jeans that just don’t fit properly!  With such a huge focus on fit in the denim market directed toward women, I thought it only fitting to devote much deserved and needed time on the gentlemen and why a good fitting pair of jeans is just as important to them.

It goes back to basics…. we are very visual, therefore just as someone will notice your “attributes” they will also notice your short comings, and for the record, women are just as guilty as men when it comes to checking out “packages” if you will.  But here are some key points of advice that should be adhered to at all times:

Too tight is an EPIC FAIL! Leave something to the imagination.  If the outline of your private parts is clearly visible, chances are you are attracting the wrong kind of attention, and ruining any chances of fathering children in your immediate future.  Even with the latest craze of skinny jeans (which I pray will go away soon!), make sure that your jeans have a little “give” or “slack”.  This is a great way to give the illusion of a larger build (legs) not to mention the aesthetically pleasing effect it gives.

Having said that, slack means just that- It does not mean wear jeans that are following off of your behind!  And the sole purpose of a belt is to support your jeans on your waist, not to support them just below your “cheeks”- while simultaneously showing off your coordinating Calvin Klein boxer briefs.  Contrary to popular belief gentlemen, this is neither sexy nor appealing.  And remember the earlier mention of attracting the wrong type of attention…. I think you know where I’m going with this.  Jeans that are too loose look horrible, even when paired with an equally ill-fitting jacket or a bare chest, this look cannot be corrected, so just don’t do it!

Wear jeans that fit on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE- What this means is don’t try to put on your teenage son inspired True Religion jeans just because everyone else is wearing them.  I know they made them in your size, but it doesn’t mean that you have to buy them.  The fact of the matter is, just about any label out there today has a style geared toward different age groups.  Shop around, and make sure that the jeans you chose show who you are and are making the statement that you are a MATURE adult not that you’re going through a mid-life crisis.  And no matter what anyone tells you, Kool Aid flavored jeans are barely acceptable on teens and twenty year olds, but anyone over the age of 21 should NOT BE WEARING THEM!!! My top 5 picks for men of all ages are:

  1. Calvin Klein– Classic
  2. Sean John– Superbly cut
  3. Lucky– Great quality
  4. 7 For All Mankind– Trendy and versatile
  5. Levi– There is a fit just for you, trust me!

Jeans should be anything but uncomfortable; it’s why we love them.  So do yourself a favor and wear what works best for you.  Don’t worry about following the latest  fad because it will probably cease to exist tomorrow.  If you wear what looks best on you, you will feel both relaxed and comfortable And if you didn’t already know this, comfort exudes confidence and there is nothing sexier than that!


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