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K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Stylish)

keep your style simple and keep it pushing!

The mere mention of the words grooming and easy together should all but tell you that this particular piece is geared toward men.  Any woman out there can tell you that there’s nothing easy about the beauty rituals we endure on a daily basis. I could say that it’s not fair that men don’t have nearly as many things to pluck, tuck, put on, “draw” on or take off, but that would be an untruth.  The fact of the matter is they do, many of them just choose not to!   So, gentlemen, here’s where you tune in and ladies you may want to stick around for this one as well, just to make sure I have clearly debunked the top 3 myths when it comes to male grooming basics!

Myth:  Hair is a sign of masculinity.

Fact:  Too much hair is just unsanitary!  If you are hairy, it is important to understand that keeping the hair cut back or trimmed to a manageable length will help cut odor causing wetness often associated with too much hair.  Manscaping is another very effective way to get rid of unwanted hair, in fact; it is designed for men who prefer an aggressive means of hair removal. While it is both controversial and uncomfortable, it is a quick and clean option to razors and the bumps they sometimes cause.

Myth: No one notices my hands or feet.

Fact:  In the world of business, the first thing that is noticed is your hands.  Long dirty nails, and rough dry skin can be a deal breaker if you are shaking hands with a potential employer.  And as for your social life fellas,  we won’t even talk about the negative effect that dirty nails may have on that first impression that you only get one chance at with that special someone.  While it is not mandatory that your hands are soft like a baby’s bottom, it is important that they are well moisturized and well-groomed.  If your nails are long, cut them! They should have a little tip if any at all, and the nail  must be clean underneath.  Make sure you address your hangnails, they are just as unattractive as dirt under your fingernails.  Some men even wear a clear coat on their nails, which is again just an option, and really not necessary if your nails are cut back to a reasonable length and clean!  As for your feet, follow the same best practices mentioned above for your fingernails, and make sure to add these two of vital things:

  1. Make sure that your socks are clean ALWAYS!
  2. Your shoes should be clean and in good condition- not run over or run down and without laces.  Remember this key advice:  If you are wearing nice shoes few will notice, but if you are wearing dirty shoes everyone will notice.  Ask anyone about this, and she will tell you that it is 100% factual!

Myth:  I don’t have to exfoliate, that’s for women!

Fact: EVERYONE needs to exfoliate.  Did you know that a man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s?  For this reason alone, exfoliation for men is very important.  By doing this on a weekly basis it will actually lessen your risk of developing razor bumps as well as gives your skin a soft and smooth look and feel.  As we discussed earlier, hair and rough dry skin is no longer a trademark or qualification for being a “real man”.

This does it for round one, so here’s a small list of things that you’ll need to run out and buy for your new-found grooming practices:  Loofah, nail scissors, clean socks (any color but white, unless they’re for your sneakers), a fragrance free and hypoallergenic face wash or scrub, and a tub of wax- just kidding about the wax, we’ll  leave that one for the experts!  Part 2 is coming soon but in the meantime, share your thoughts and let me know how helpful these tips were for you.


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