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K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple and Stylish)

keep your style simple and keep it pushing!

To me there is nothing more feminine than a soft floral print on a spring dress!  One of the hottest fashions around is the ever in style Maxi dress.  We’ve all seen them- gorgeous long flowing dresses with spaghetti straps and bold prints that seem to fit any body type (with the right jacket or sweater or bare arms alike).  We love to love this dress- but hate to see the same dress that we’re wearing on someone else.  Let’s face the facts; if it’s in style, chances are you aren’t going to be the only person buying it.

 If you would you like to increase the odds of being the only one seen in the style of your choice, I would highly recommend shopping online and not in your local department store. One of the sites that I like to use is  They always seem to have the latest styles and ALL sizes available and ready to ship.  They’ve even got formal maxi’s, skirt maxi’s, tank maxi’s and youth size maxi’s! Who knew there were so many different types to choose from! 

There are also open and honest reviews from people who have ordered from the site, which is always the perfect gauge of just what to expect before ordering for the very first time- and because the site is in association with Amazon, you needn’t worry about the security of your order payment information being compromised.  I love this site and have never had any problems with placing an order- and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves beautiful and unique maxi dresses at a great price!


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